25+ Notes With Passive Aggressive Tones that Spiced Up Office Life

45+ Hilarious and Entertaining Office Notes to Brighten Up Your Workday. Even though working in an office can be stressful, it doesn't have to be all serious. In fact, some employees take the opportunity to write funny and passive-aggressive notes to entertain their colleagues. While it's not always easy to express yourself in a short note, some have taken it to the next level and ended up making their coworkers laugh - and perhaps even poke fun at them. Check out this collection of over 45 office notes that are sure to make your workplace a more enjoyable and amusing environment.

I'm Not Interested In Dating, Please Don't Ask Me

In a world where finding love can be difficult, many of us seek any available help to find a suitable partner. We turn to our friends, siblings, and anyone who can potentially connect us with the right person. After all, there are many individuals out there in search of their own happily-ever-after.

A coworker left a note requesting that their cans be dated for hygiene purposes. However, instead of simply complying, our friend decided to inject some humor into the situation and wrote a witty response that likely brought a smile to the note's author. Nevertheless, we do hope that our friend still followed the requested hygiene protocol!

Sing Me A River, Please!

It's common for coworkers to hum the soundtrack of a new movie that has a great soundtrack, regardless of whether you like the song or not. It can be both enjoyable or annoying depending on your preference.

This humorous note was likely written during the time when the movie Frozen was first released. It seems that the film's popular songs were being constantly sung by coworkers in the office, to the point that someone felt the need to keep a tally of how many days it lasted. Perhaps it was time for everyone to move on and let it go.

Philosophy Printer

We all likely have that one friend who has a knack for finding profound meaning in just about anything. Even a simple object like a pencil can become a symbol of the universe and our life's journey in their eyes.

Upon being informed by a note that someone had temporarily moved the printer, this individual decided to play a prank on their coworkers by leaving a tongue-in-cheek, slightly unnerving note that could induce an existential crisis for anyone who pondered it too deeply. While some may have found it funny, others may have been genuinely spooked.

Do Not Hesitate To Disturb Us!

It's a well-known fact that teachers encourage their students to ask questions and often invite them to approach them after class to discuss specific topics. However, many students may be hesitant to follow through on this offer because they fear they may be disturbing their teachers.

These teachers wanted to ensure that their students knew they were always available to be approached. To make this clear, they posted a note outside their staff room. It's understandable, as with three teachers sharing a room, there would likely never be a quiet moment.

Remember To Make The Call

As children grow up and move out to live their own lives, it's not uncommon for them to have less time to spend with their parents. However, in some cases, parents may feel neglected and demand more attention from their children.

This is exactly what happened when a mother visited her child's apartment and found it empty. Taking matters into her own hands, she proceeded to wash all their dishes. Before leaving, she added a passive-aggressive note to ensure that her actions didn't go unnoticed.

One Is Sufficient

While some office notes are amusing, others can actually be quite practical, like the one we're about to mention. In this particular workplace, the employees posted a note advising that using both microwaves simultaneously would trip the fuse, rendering both appliances inoperable.

One of the staff members asked a valid question: if the microwaves can't be used simultaneously, why are there two in the first place? It would make more sense to have only one microwave that everyone can use, instead of causing inconvenience and potential power outages. They make a good point.

Praise The Coffee Spatula!

Some notes can spark debates that escalate through multiple exchanges. The individual who initially posted the note likely couldn't have foreseen that their message would trigger a flurry of impassioned responses from others.

Take, for example, an individual who posted a note stating that their coffee is intentionally weak and shouldn't be messed with, unlike the 'mud' that Starbucks serves. This ignited a flurry of passionate responses from others, with some defending their preference for strong coffee and others supporting the original note. It's both surprising and amusing to see how a simple note can evoke such a strong reaction.

What A Cold Response!

This situation ended up taking an unexpected turn, didn't it? While some individuals in the office are direct and upfront with their requests, others who are more introverted may opt for a passive-aggressive approach, like the worker in this instance.

When a staff member wanted an ice machine in the office, they resorted to a sneaky note to make their request. However, the response they received was somewhat harsh and could have been delivered more kindly. It's just an ice machine, after all, not an expensive arcade game!

I'll Find Them By Their Scent!

Remember the Friends episode where Ross' boss ate his Thanksgiving sandwich? While Ross comically lost his temper, this is a scenario that occurs all too often in office settings, where someone's lunch is stolen by a coworker.

A worker left a chicken leg for an office rat and left a note inviting them to partake. If the rat has any sense of pride, they likely wouldn't eat it. Even if they did, it wouldn't be too difficult to track them down. It was a clever move on the worker's part.

Include Me In The Ice Supply

During the summertime, it's common to grab a soda and some ice from the cooler to beat the heat. However, this particular worker has requested that their colleagues not take their ice since they bring it from home.

The worker likely wanted to clarify that the ice they brought belonged to them and wasn't intended for general office use. However, the response they received wasn't entirely inaccurate either - it does seem like an odd move to leave a note about it when they may not even use all the ice themselves.

Please Leave Me A Note

If you need to communicate with someone in the office, using Post-it notes is a great option since the colorful papers can make even the harshest of requests appear cheerful and friendly. However, some individuals may also use these notes as a means of expressing complaints.

A group of workers banded together to complain about a colleague who was constantly stealing their food. Apparently, the culprit had a habit of taking everything from yogurt to juice to hot dogs. However, the situation took a humorous turn when the thief left a note requesting that they bring something new for them to pilfer. It's enough to make anyone laugh out loud!

Pen Ransom

We all have that one friend who closely monitors us when we borrow their pen or pencil. They'll hover over our shoulder and wait for us to finish our work so they can retrieve their writing utensils and ensure they don't go missing.

Well, this person must not have followed the protocol and therefore lost his pen. After, he probably circled around the office asking for his pen. The thief sent this hilarious ransom note who asked him to follow the instructions if he wanted his pen back.

I'm Not Sorry

Most of us know someone who tends to be passive-aggressive, and it's always refreshing when they acknowledge this trait in themselves. However, when they do admit to it, the consequences may not be what they anticipated. Perhaps it's best for them to keep to themselves.

Consider this individual, for instance, who asked a co-worker to refrain from discarding their food in the hallway since it produced a ketchup-like odor. The worker also acknowledged that they have a passive-aggressive tendency. However, as they say, you reap what you sow, and the individual received a passive-aggressive note in response.

Was It Tasty?

As you might have already guessed, people don't appreciate it when their co-workers steal their food in the office. This particular worker left a direct and to-the-point note, demanding that the culprit refrain from taking the food that was clearly intended for them.

However, in true villainous spirit, the culprit posted an untraceable reply to the original note, expressing their admiration for the worker's toaster strudel and confessing how delicious it was. It's hard not to be impressed by their ingenuity and audacity.

Imagine This

Some individuals prefer to convey their instructions in a cheerful and lighthearted manner, while others may take a more somber approach. In this case, the worker opted for the latter, delivering a stern warning to their colleagues not to use the microwave.

However, another individual decided to elaborate on these instructions and drew a couple of pictures to illustrate precisely how the average person feels when instructed not to do something, as well as what would happen if they gave in to their desire.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

It's unfortunate that we live in a world where it's challenging to steer clear of spoilers, particularly when it comes to movies or TV shows. This is especially true for popular series like Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones, where avoiding spoilers seems nearly impossible.

Like many others, this particular worker also understood that there was no way to prevent their colleagues from spoiling the latest episode of Game of Thrones. As a result, they left a courteous note requesting that no one discuss the popular show in their cubicle.

Seems Pretty Passive-Aggressive?

It's frustrating to have a co-worker or roommate who takes up an entire section of the wardrobe or a drawer in the refrigerator. Unfortunately, this was precisely the situation in this case, and the worker even left a note about it.

The worker left a note declaring to their colleagues that a specific section of the fridge was for their personal use only. Unfortunately, one of their colleagues responded with a passive-aggressive note that served as an appropriate response to an inconsiderate individual like the original poster. Well done!

Please Refrain From Taking A Bite Out Of It

Stealing food from a co-worker is already unacceptable, but taking a bite out of it and leaving the remaining portion in the same place for them to discover is even worse. There is no more barbaric act than this.

Sadly, one worker committed the heinous act of taking a bite out of their co-worker's food and leaving the rest in the same place. Their colleague responded with a cold but fitting note, asking them to take the entire piece instead next time. It's a sensible request since the remaining portion would go to waste anyway, and nobody else would eat it.

Pick Me Up

 It can be very unpleasant to use a common spoon that has been touched by someone's dirty hands. This can make even the most easygoing person feel disgusted. That's why it's common to have separate compartments inside a drawer to keep everything organized and avoid cross-contamination.

This office worker took extra precautions to prevent their colleagues from touching common spoons with dirty hands. They left a note asking everyone to use a spoon scoop instead of their hands to pick up spoons. While it may seem excessive, it shows a consideration for hygiene and cleanliness.

Hail The Singer

A malfunctioning printer can be a frustrating experience, particularly when there's an urgent need to print an important document. Typically, a direct and clear note is posted to inform everyone of the printer's unavailability. However, this person decided to add some humor to the situation with a creative note that playfully addresses the printer as if it were a temperamental diva.

When the office printer broke down, instead of posting a simple out-of-order notice, one worker got creative with their message. They printed a picture of Bob Marley, the famous musician, and referenced one of his songs to explain why the printer was not functioning. It was a clever and memorable way to communicate the problem.

Here Is Where We Need Someone!

It's always a bit bittersweet when someone leaves the office, particularly if they had been a part of the team for a long time. To show their appreciation and bid them farewell, a party is often thrown complete with cakes and balloons as a way of showing that they will be missed and fondly remembered.

It's always tough saying goodbye to a co-worker who's been a part of the team for a long time. Usually, a farewell party with cakes and balloons is held to show how much they are appreciated and will be missed. However, in this case, a worker with a great sense of humor decided to bake their own cake, which hilariously portrays their worth to the team. If this person was a co-worker, we'd definitely be sad to see them go.

Too Much Freshness!

Excessive use of room fresheners can be unpleasant and suffocating for everyone in the vicinity. It's just like how people dislike those who use an excessive amount of deodorant, leaving you coughing after a hug.

This clever individual decided to attach a note onto a room freshener, personifying the product and politely requesting users to spray it lightly due to its strong scent. It's true - while summer is nice, an overwhelming amount of it can be quite unpleasant.

What Matters Most

This note is a simple but important reminder. The author asks everyone to make sure the door is closed to prevent Rusty, the office dog, from getting out. But as it turns out, the note has a twist that makes it even more amusing.

This simple note requesting to close the office door to keep Rusty, probably the office dog, from getting out turned into a series of added requests from other workers. One person asked to make sure the AC was turned off, and another asked to keep the door closed so Jay, a person, couldn't get out. The priorities are quite amusing: first the dog, then the AC, and then Jay.

Could Be Allow Them To Eat Cake!

People in the office eagerly anticipate any opportunity to have cake, whether it's for a birthday, a farewell, or the annual Christmas party. All eyes are fixed on the person slicing the cake, as everyone eagerly awaits their turn to grab a slice.

However, this individual's cake-cutting skills are unparalleled, leaving everyone amazed. It's safe to say that no one has ever witnessed such a masterful display of cake-cutting. What's even more surprising is that the perpetrator had the nerve to leave a note at the scene of the act.

A Voice To Express Oneself

The expression Nobody likes cleaning up after someone else's mess holds true in a literal sense. Cleaning up after someone can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially when it involves food spills or spoiled milk, which emits a pungent odor that everyone is familiar with. People generally lack the time and patience to deal with these kinds of messes.

In a clever move, this individual began placing notes on top of the milk bottles to indicate which ones should and shouldn't be cleaned by their colleagues. It's an innovative solution that deserves recognition. Kudos to them for their ingenuity!

Clean It or Face Consequences

While passive aggression may achieve its intended outcome, it's more commendable when someone chooses to abandon it and confront the person who has wronged them directly and honestly, without any hint of insincerity or ulterior motives.

As an illustration, a person chose to be entirely frank with their co-worker, and demanded that they clean their dishes with care and attention, rather than just haphazardly washing them. Although we sympathize with their position, the implied consequence of not complying with the demand is rather intimidating.

Stay By My Side Always

Office workers are also responsible for monitoring the cleanliness of their workplace, and on occasion, they may find that the cleaners haven't done an adequate job. In such cases, should they give orders to the cleaners or make a request?

One employee opted to post a note asking whether anyone else had noticed a long strand of hair stuck to the wall for the past six months, given that the cleaners had overlooked it. While this is a clever example of passive aggression, the fact that the hair has been there for six months is quite concerning.

Admire My Words

As previously observed, individuals take significant measures to safeguard their pens from theft. Every day, new tactics are devised to ensure that pens are secure and protected. However, one approach is particularly amusing.

This employee opted to shock their colleagues by leaving an attention-grabbing note. They attached a message declaring that they habitually lick their pens, cautioning any potential thief that they would be contaminated with cooties if they dared to take their pens.

Clarify The Purpose

This incident highlights that resorting to passive-aggressive behavior is never advisable. Despite believing that it might be a smart strategy, it rarely is. For example, one individual had their banana taken by their colleagues repeatedly, prompting them to inscribe the following message on the fruit.

Unfortunately, this approach proved to be counterproductive, as someone responded with a note informing the man that refrigerating his fruit was causing it to lose essential vitamins. It seems that the individual who wrote on their fruit may now be regretting their decision.

Reveal The Truth

This one is a bit alarming. It's not uncommon for people to dispose of various items down the toilet, but in this case, someone apparently threw a towel down the toilet, causing a blockage. To prevent it from happening again, an employee left a note politely asking individuals not to repeat this action.

Our initial question is, why would anyone discard a towel in a toilet? Moreover, why would an individual draw such a distressing picture of a toilet to emphasize their point? Have they ever seen a toilet like the one they illustrated? We certainly haven't.

My Odd Reaction To Tuna

It's unpleasant when employees leave their uneaten food in the sink, as it results in a foul odor throughout the area. However, the situation worsens when the leftover item happens to be a type of fish, such as tuna, which emits a particularly strong and unpleasant scent. The smell of leftover tuna is perhaps one of the most disagreeable scents imaginable.

One individual chose to address this issue with a charming and informative note, requesting that the offender refrain from leaving portions of their tuna in the office sink, as it noticeably emits a foul odor. The use of an adorable bluefish in the message is sure to evoke positive feelings and reduce the chances of anyone becoming angry.

Will You Be My Spouse?

Offices are typically regarded as serious environments where individuals come to work, and the communications exchanged within are often of a similarly serious nature. That's why it can be enjoyable when someone decides to break from the norm and leave a lighthearted note.

An individual in the office left a message requesting that the deadbolt not be utilized. In response, a humorous employee wrote a note that is guaranteed to make everyone chuckle at their pun. It certainly elicited laughter from us!

How Gorgeous!

There are individuals who are extremely particular about hygiene or possessive of their belongings. They refuse to share their coffee cups with anyone and make it known to others as often as possible. Our next employee attempted to do the same by putting up a sign!

One employee attempted to communicate with their colleagues by posting a note in the break room, requesting that no one touch their personal coffee mug. While that's understandable, another worker cleverly responded with a hilarious note, and we're curious to know what the original employee thinks of it.

Clean The Utensils!

One of the most irritating occurrences in the workplace is when an individual neglects to wash their dishes and leaves them in the sink. Do they anticipate that someone else will take care of it for them, or that the dish will sprout a plant in a few months?

Fed up with the situation, this individual managed to maintain their composure and sense of humor by leaving a witty meme in the sink, reminding the culprit that they are responsible for washing their own dishes and preventing any unpleasant odors from emanating in the office.

Is That Dave I See?

Once again, the issue of food theft arises. Individuals have developed various methods to deter their colleagues from stealing their meals, ranging from straightforward to passive-aggressive. With regards to food theft, there is a range of tactics employed.

One worker, presumably named Dave, devised a clever and passive-aggressive method to prevent his drink from being pilfered. However, he probably didn't anticipate that another person with the same name as him would swoop in and snatch his beverage.

Can Anyone Verify My Spelling?

Occasionally, it's acceptable to set aside your direct approach and resort to passive-aggressive behavior in the office. However, there are a few factors to consider beforehand when working in an office setting.

It's critical to ensure that any passive-aggressive notes you leave are grammatically correct and thoroughly spell-checked. Otherwise, you may end up like one worker whose note was evaluated by the perpetrators of the act.

Change The Font

In a workplace, it's necessary to display various serious notes from time to time. However, after a while, it can become monotonous. To liven things up, some individuals opt to add a bit of levity. In this instance, the worker used a playful font as a change of pace.

The worker may not have been aware of how particular individuals are about their font choices. After posting a message requesting that individuals unplug their computers, another worker responded gravely, asking them not to use whimsical fonts. The other person then replied using a more conventional and mundane font.

Produce A Printed Stream

Printing documents in an office can be a laborious task. The process can be further complicated by the presence of a queue of individuals waiting to print their documents. Furthermore, when you eventually reach the printer, it may fail to function, or the ink may have run out.

One individual opted to add a bit of humor to the situation by leaving a note indicating that they would receive their prints one day. It's uncertain whether they will ever obtain their prints, but perhaps if the universe aligns perfectly and miraculous events occur, they may receive them within the next hundred years or so.

Top It Off With Milk!

Office refrigerators can be quite contentious places since most staff members keep their lunch inside and are quite possessive about their allocated space. If someone occupies more room than required, they will likely receive a stern reprimand.

The worker's colleagues even teased them about bringing an entire gallon of milk and occupying valuable space in the fridge. However, the worker had a comical response and took their co-workers' comment quite literally. Before they knew it, there was a cow inside the fridge!

Crackling Cracks Resound!

There's nothing more important than one's health. This holds particularly true for office buildings, where informing employees about any issues with the premises is always crucial.

The building manager followed the same routine by posting a notice on the wall, acknowledging the obvious: the walls were weak, as evidenced by the massive crack. However, one worker injected humor into the situation by crafting a witty response to the notice.

Can't Make Everyone Happy

While some offices make an effort to cater to the needs of each and every employee, the unfortunate reality is that it's almost impossible to please everyone. Inevitably, there will be those who find fault with the choices made, leading to discontentment.

This particular office took care of its employees by keeping the kitchen stocked with juice and soda, encouraging everyone to help themselves. However, they likely didn't anticipate the sharp retort that one worker left on the notice. Goodness gracious.

Mindful Language In Writing Can Have A Lasting Impact

Occasionally, individuals speak in a manner that contradicts itself without their knowledge. On occasion, they may recognize their mistake, but at other times, it takes someone else to point it out in a humorous and clever manner, just like the individual below.

An employee in the office advised their colleagues not to use thumbtacks on the walls, but failed to notice that they had utilized them to post the note in the first place. As a result, they became the target of a barrage of lighthearted messages poking fun at the situation.

The Debbie Rage

When people ask their colleagues in a general manner not to take their food, it can be amusing. Despite having their food pilfered, they often compose clever messages to deter the office thief. However, what occurs when they are aware of the identity of the perpetrator?

All of Debbie's colleagues have resorted to labeling their food as 'Not Debbie' in order to prevent her from stealing it, due to her consistent theft of their food. However, there is a concern that it may be too late to correct her behavior.

Is There Sarcasm Being Expressed?

Have you ever witnessed your mother aggressively tapping buttons on her phone when it freezes? This is a common practice when individuals desire a slight boost in speed. Similarly, the staff in this office resorted to this technique.

The employees of this office were keen on speeding up their printer's performance, and in pursuit of this goal, they repeatedly pressed the PRINT button until it collapsed under the strain. Their IT specialist decided to play a trick on them and left an extremely sarcastic note to educate them about their misguided approach.

Apology Accepted, No Need For More

As we have witnessed, individuals can become quite territorial when it comes to their food. Colleagues who have a habit of taking what isn't theirs can spoil the atmosphere for everyone else. In order to maintain a fair and harmonious environment, those who are caught stealing food that doesn't belong to them should be prohibited from using the shared refrigerator.

Except in cases like this one. Although it might have been frustrating for the drink's owner to discover that his beverage had been taken, having it replaced by an entire case of drinks is enough to alleviate the annoyance. In this scenario, we would readily accept this as an apology.