Pranksters Have Hilarious Signs at the Protest

Why it's just the sign of the times! Look closely at a crowd these days, and a few hidden laughs are easy to find. Jokers clearly want to lighten up the mood at demonstrations, marches, and rallies. What kind of wild and wacky signs are they sneaking in?

Practice What You Preach

Protests are often all about urgency. And when passions boil over, it can be hard to just sit still! One woman decided to promote an age-old virtue with her sign and stick. Did she miss the mark, though?

Well, the color choice is pleasant. But the message is a little confusing! Patience, right this minute — or else? When has that ever worked, lady? A silly demand, and a silly idea. But a great photo and the internet says: Thank you!

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Living With Regret

This guy seems to know precisely what the future holds, without the aid of a crystal ball. Is he a psychic, maybe?

How can he even know that he will carry around this sign all day? It's just the beginning, and life is full of surprises! Some even say it's like a box of chocolates. The question is, what is the issue he came to support? Can't be that important, if the sign is too much trouble. Just go home, sir!

Just Spell it Out

Casual wear, cool shades, star-spangled bandanna. The main character of this moment certainly has a sense of style. But whatever he is opposing today is lost on the viewer for one other reason. Any grammar Nazi can see the issue, right away!

"Get a brain," he says. "Morans," he shouts in print. As passionate as he may be, this man clearly wasn't the spelling bee district champion. Moran should be a moron, silly! Not the best word for such an error, given the point of his sign. Live and learn, right?

Unleashing Plan B

Sometimes, preparation is key. And today seems to be that type of smooth, silky occasion for one outspoken man in the crowd. Yet, he seems unhappy. Why?

Well, sometimes too much anticipation can lead to a real disappointment. Here, it seems the protester was very excited to make a difference in the public discourse. About what, it's not entirely clear. But risking razor bumps has turned out to be a total bust today. The injustice of it all, really!

Smokin' and Tokin'

Why, hello. What's this right here? A crowd has gathered, and it's high time to listen. Or is it just a high time?

"Legalize it, yeah yeah, and I will advertise it," sang Peter Tosh. And what else? "Don't criticize it," he piped. Reggae always loved one special plants, but what about that new gay strand? This capped fellow has decided to advocate today, and he knows his cause. It's time to make things lawful, and it's hard to miss in purple. Legalize gay marijuana, yeah yeah yeah. Go to legalize it!

Armed and Wobbly

This guy, right? A quirky and super literal sign, seen at the March for Our Lives protest in 2018. Not the most humorous event, really — but that never stopped mischief before!

Does this troll even know what the protest is all about? If he knew it was promoting laws against gun violence, he might have written a different message. Way in the back, it's likely no one noticed that he was trying to steal the spotlight. Here he stands, in all his glory!

Growlin' On Up

Lions, and tigers, and bears — oh my! This is no time to freak out, but it looks like there might be a beast in a suit infiltrating this protest. Stay calm, and read on!

Captured at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, this bear mask really caught one photographer's attention. And how could it not? It's not every day that a big beast with an opinion joins in on the fun. If today is any example, maybe it should happen more often!

Mayhem Man

Honesty is usually a top-quality on most character lists. But this guy? It's suddenly not so clear anymore!

The truth is, he might not be the only one with this mindset. Why do people come to protests, most of the time? Maybe a craving for a little drama? This photo was actually captured at a May Day demonstration, known to be a violent protest day all over the world. He may not be joking, at all!

Below the Belt

During the early 2000's, a major debate over healthcare erupted in the United States. Should there be a big, public system? Should it be fully private? Or maybe, just maybe, a mix?

One man seems to be totally against the pubic option, at least. Never mind the public option, a new government insurance plan in the market. The pubic option is entirely different. No one voted for that! Whatever the policy problems may be, most people never want to stoop this low. Stay away, advocates!

Please Let Them Eat Cake

Way back in 2011, America saw a whole string of Occupy protests. Passion was in no short supply, and neither was social critique on a sign! At the Boston event, photographers spotted a delicious demand!

Okay, maybe they said it. But cake, really? Most would say that has very little to do with the cause. Some might even say it has nothing at all to do with the cause! Marie Antoinette was not even invited. No surprises there, from the Occupy folks.

Grin And Blare It

The virus that plagued the earth in 2020 seemed to have a special target on grannies. And this one isn't having it! Not today, Corona.

Countries around the world argued about whether it's better for everyone to stay home, or just the most vulnerable. Opinions vary, but it's clear where this protester stands! She does look pretty approachable, but don't even try it: Six feet away, please! Social distancing, hand washing, and even masks a must, according to the latest recommendations.

Nothing New Under The Sun

All dressed up for the cold, this seasoned citizen has showed up yet again. According to her, the objections have been going on for a long time! What is the problem, exactly?

It's likely she's been around for long, long time. Did she witness the right to vote for women? The Emancipation Proclamation? That time America bought Alaska from Russia for only a million bucks? Whatever the case, this lady wants progress! She's totally sick of showing up to these things, and her arm is tired. Help a granny out, please?

Um Excuse Me

Well, well. A regular contrarian has been spotted in the crowd, just calling it like she sees it. Short, sweet, direct. But what is the group protesting that has set her off so?

The mystery continues. It's not clear what she opposes, but she does seem rather polite in her activism. Was this photo taken in Canada, perhaps?

Jurassic Rage

The Jurassic extinction event may have occurred 201.3 million years ago, but this T-rex isn't over it. No, not at all! What's his roaring message for the Corona lock down?

Now a community advocate, Rex has a warning for the general public: Extinction sucks, stay home! It seems all that loss of life on land and in oceans has put this reptile on a rampage through town. Losing all toothy friends and family seems to have profoundly affected him. Anyone can relate if they try!

Divine Dessert

Everyone has a reason to get out and march. Justice, peace, wages — there's always a cause for progress. But today, it looks like these Brits just showed up for the snacks!

In limey slang, a biscuit is a cookie: No southern gravy involved. At today's demonstration, this chap clearly has a sweet tooth — but it looks like someone over-promised and under-delivered. Perhaps it's best to read the fine print, at these things. The sign from God on the left has an important asterisk, for those willing to squint!

Sip it Good

Life has its ups and downs. But sometimes, there is only so much a man can take. Being pushed to the limit is no way to live! It's time to protest and make it known, loud and clear: This sir, right here, is the last straw. Watch out, folks!

Perhaps even from space, this giant prop is impossible to miss! Sometimes the most hilarious signs can be found at demonstrations – and the more serious the issue, the sillier the slogan. Is this display incredibly inappropriate? For sure. Worth taking a peek at his competitors for top troll? Oh yeah!

Moderation is Key

Most people are well aware of the stereotype that Canadians are “too nice” for their own good – but is there any truth to that claim? Behold, exhibit A. Or rather, exhibit C.

If this sign has any point at all, it proves the case! What is this woman upset about? And why just a little? And if only a little, why all the effort with the sign? It's snowing, people! Most people certainly stayed at home. Canadian passion underestimated, yet again!

Marching Rough

Serious times require serious signs. This guy gets right to the point: He can't afford anything. Not even a good slogan, at least today.

Would he want a fancier sign, if he had cash on hand? Short but sweet, there may be no need. One timeless truth remains. It's all about the laughs, and the laughs — they can't be bought! Authentic and honest, it's obvious why this sign was such an internet crowd favorite. March on, man!

Deity Vs. Droid

Freedom of speech and freedom of religion are core American values. Why, they're written straight into the constitution itself! What happens when different beliefs collide though, right on the public pavement?

The dark lord of space, or the Christian lord and savior? No one can predict who will win this battle of heart and mind, or in some cases, mind control. The power of the dark side is all on display here, and rules be damned!

That Thing, That Thing, That Thing

While this one might seem like it's just another quirky sign, the chosen slogan has a bit of television history to it. First appearing in an Irish sitcom, it might not be recognizable to overseas viewers. But a good joke has got to go global eventually, and today's the day!

Now in protests around the UK all the time, it's a bit of an inside joke. So polite, so vague — so suitable for so many causes!

He Who Shall be Named

For most readers, Harry Potter created was a pleasant imaginary world for an afternoon or two. Or four, or ten. Or maybe still! It was so easy to get sucked into the wizard's world, but some protesters are taking it pretty far these days.

Event after event reveals many struggling with the line between fantasy and reality. Dumbledore isn't real, sadly! This particular moment took place at an LGBT rally, right on brand. According to J.K. Rowling: Yes, apparently Dumbledore was gay all along!

Going Viral

COVID-19, aka corona, aka the virus heard 'round the world was a major game changer in 2020. What started in China didn't stay in China, and parents were forced to spend more quality time at home. Was it domestic bliss?

In this case, no! Kiddo has actually made a sign that it's time to get rid of mom and dad. Sure, it might have been fun at first playing board games and watching movie classics. But everyone needs their space, and a child can only take so many living room karaoke nights. Lock-down life, enough!

Parting The Green

Clearly in disguise, it appears Tiger Woods has made an appearance at this event. Who exactly is holding back the golfing public? It's an outrage, if true! The show must go on, as they say.

Fact check: It might not be Tiger himself, upon closer look. It's definitely an outraged golf enthusiast. Why, oh why, has the PGA Tour has been canceled? The answer: medical precaution. In a historic first, many activities were closed off for COVID-19. Yikes, said sports fans!

Shy But Proud

Desperate times call for desperate measures, as they say. A new class of activists has been created by this terrible injustice, whatever it is. The trend is shocking! Just who are these new warriors among us?

Introverts, as hard as that may be to believe. These not-so-social butterflies have emerged from their cocoons to join a protest today. Will they be the life of the party, or just let their signs do the talking? It's hard to predict, like so many things in 2020!

Candy Man's Stand

Almost everyone tries little smartphone games from time to time, and separating work from play is usually manageable. It's not that hard to turn off the screen for most. Except the Candy Crush addicts, that is!

All those invites really add up, and always a notification false alarm! Photographers found one man that has clearly had enough. No, he doesn't want to play. Not now, not ever. Leave the man alone, or else! A total social media block is the next step, should he be ignored. Let's avoid that, shall we?

Criminal Sparkle

UC Santa Barbara used to see students decorating pretty early for the snowy holidays. It never actually gets frosty over there, but Americans from all climates like to enjoy Christmas in their own special ways.

Sparkling, magical, holiday cheer. Shockingly, there is a small dispute on campus about it. How early is too early to decorate, according to official rules? This is anarchy, people! There are no laws about this, and the local grinches are up in arms. Holly jolly, no thanks!


The point of this sign is actually very general. What is the mainstream protest about today? No one knows from the sign, but this citizen was worth memorializing in a photo. What an intriguing new discourse!

So polite, so respectful. Has the internet found a rogue Canadian citizen, demanding action in the wrong country? Has there has been some kind of international mix up here? It's possible photographers have located the last remaining American that wants to chit chat with strangers about controversy. Good luck, and Godspeed, sir!

Rip Off Rally

That fresh bag of chips opens with a familiar pop. But these days, there seems to be another shared experience among crisp lovers. An excess of air, unfair!

The companies put so much into marketing to entice people into a greasy treat, and then they cheat! This man is taking a stand, and not a moment too soon. With potatoes and corn in oversupply, it can't be too difficult a task, honestly. The movement is growing, Ruffles! Doritos, you too.

Greasy Times

Some people just have strong values that they will not compromise, and can't be bought. Others have strong tastes, in the kitchen. One man captured on camera seems to hit both targets!

With so many health trends these days, crispy delicacies like bacon are under fire. Admit it, there is a war on bacon! Soon enough, it will be time to pick sides. And when that happens, Mr. Pork will know exactly where he stands. Right next to the stove, frying up a storm!

The Great Le-sign-ski

This guy seems to be a big fan of a very big movie. Everyone knows that The Big Lebowski has a cult following like no other, but it's rare to see protests inspired by the film!

Maybe this guy just brings his sign everywhere, though. The striking similarity here between sign man and the character he quotes cannot be denied. And who would dare deny it, besides the most ardent hater? Odds are, this was a great conversation starter all day!

Poor Man's Mantra

Money might be tight right now, but what about the theater? One man decided to advocate for what he knows best. Clearly, he's looking at all those bailouts with an eye on the arts!

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, for example, has projected $100 million in revenue loss because of the health shutdown. According to the museum CEO: "As we prioritize the health and safety of people around the globe first and foremost, we must also plan for the world we will re-enter once this crisis finally subsides. With that in mind, we must ensure that arts organizations, large and small, will be able to withstand the economic devastation so many are facing." One thing's for sure in a time of uncertainty: This man is taking a stand!

Revenge Of The Shy

Living indoors and observing the crowd is something house cats know well. But is this low key lifestyle merely the province of felines? No way, if introverts have anything to say!

Despite this everyday habit, one protest seems to have attracted both sides of the spectrum. Introverts and extroverts unite! What, precisely, was the problem? The world may never know, but the data on crowds is hereby enhanced. People can be surprising when they're angry!

Eyes Wide Shut Up

Violating the golden rule, sir? If no one can see anything, it might just be time to lower the sign!

What is this guy's point? Perhaps he isn't a fan of the issue at hand. Or maybe he's out there promoting honesty as a value, instead. Can't fault him for that, even if he is ruining the event! Word to the wise: Don't try this in a movie theater. Americans might be less forgiving at a rally, but the new Marvel film is another story!

It's A Cruel, Cool Summer

Some people are now claiming that summer is cancelled. But can that really be done? It's a new concept, for sure!

These folks have obviously used a special Game of Thrones flair to get public attention. Has it worked? To be honest, it's pretty clever! Hopefully, corona doesn't truly cancel the warm summer days for everyone, but only time will tell. At the very least, it won't happen in Australia. In their hemisphere, the seasons are reversed! Tricks on you, corona.

Occupy Antics

This guy is not a happy camper at this moment captured on film. At an Occupy protest, he felt a lot of raw emotion. And it seems like it fit well on a sign!

The difference between yelling out loud and yelling in caps lock is a big one. Is the impact greater this way? How did all those amusing Occupy signs affect the debate, in the end? Only time will tell, but this chuckle is frozen in internet history forever!

Keep That High

Ireland had a big demonstration about water prices back in 2015. A few signs really caught the attention of the lads and ladies online, and for good reason!

What is this filthy mop doing so close to people's heads? There's got to be a better way to stand in solidarity than whipping this thing around. Imagine what would happen with just one trip in this mob? Positively disgusting, sir! Nobody enjoys mop-face, even if they agree on cheaper city bills.

Yell for Yum Yum

Despite the polarization of the nation on economic and social issues, there is one thing that everyone agrees on. More tortillas are not optional!

The skimping has gotten out of control, and no one wants to finish a fajita without the appropriate wrap. Perhaps a boycott needs to happen, and not just a sign! Nachos and burritos are acceptable too. It's time for some spicier tactics, hombres!

More of a Hoodie Guy

This guy claims he doesn't usually mess around with signs. But does anyone believe him? He looks very comfortable exactly where he is.

The expression in his eyes looks confident, cool, and collected. He might just be that sign guy that claims he doesn't usually do this, but eventually, choices become a pattern. Fess up, dude! You love your sign, and everyone can see it.

Mr. Clean's Crusade

It might seem like it doesn't need to be said, but it does. Public bathrooms are filled with millions of germs. Maybe even billions! It's a little gross to think about, frankly.

One man is taking a stand right here with an important message for the war against COVID-19. What does he want? Just a little common sense. Wash your hands, silly people! Now, more than ever, it's important to disinfect those paws with soap, soap, and more soap. And then, a little water. And then, more water! Wash, rinse, repeat.

Granny Knows Best

Don’t mess with grandmothers in the midwest, they say. Who knows how to survive better in a protest — or in this case, snow-test — than a genuine Wisconsin retiree?

Nothing new here for this lady! She's experienced far colder, and she has a lot to say today. The only question is, what does happen when you 'piss off grandma'? Her smirk says it all, and no one wants to find out the hard way!

Rainbow Riddle

The man has a point, doesn't he? Typically, people love the cute and cuddly. Kittens, puppies, Ricky Martin — all adorable and all universally beloved!

It seems like a clear cut argument, but there are those that disagree. As a result, this man has decided to voice his position with a very catchy sign in the crowd. Hard to miss, isn't it? Dull sign makers have a new level to live up to with this black and white message. Literally, black and white. Morally, shades of rainbow!

Wizard Words

Hogwarts is the school that many people wish they went to instead of college. But it seems that attending is a bit tricky since it doesn't exist!

Well, don't burst anyone's bubble here. Inspiration is hard to come by these days! If Harry Potter is inspiring positive social action, does it matter if the magic is a placebo? Some say no, some say abracadabra. And this person says none of this would happen at Hogwarts!

Having a Blast

A memorable photo from the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Faith – and one of many! This protest amused a lot of people inside and outside of the crowd, and it's not hard to see why.

It does seem like a lot of the people who showed up might have just been bored. Variety is the spice of life, they say. And a new hobby is bound to keep things fresh!

Time is Precious

No one is forcing this guy to be here. But it seems he just can't stay away! A little self-awareness would go a long way to solve this problem, sir.

Allegedly, he has better things to do. But who can ignore this bold and bright sign, flashing through the crowd in black and yellow? Actions speak louder than words, and this guy is sending some major mixed signals!

Depends on the Decade

The material girl has taught us so much over the decades. How to wear a cone bra is the least of it! Now in her fifties, most people are inspired by the pop star's fitness regime these days. Madonna looks better than ever!

No surprise here, but someone has created a new philosophy: WWMD. Why not see what Madonna would do, in each situation? Every little thing that you say or do, America's hung up on you Madge!

She Begs to Differ Too

Some people say the glass is half full, others half empty. They are both right, really. But debates on the state of society are usually a bit more contentious than arguing over milk!

One girl decided to take her position straight to the street. Positivity, gratitude, and a balanced perspective? Or a person wearing rose-colored glasses? Yet again, the glass half full, half empty argument is back to confuse one and all!

Enough is Enough

Yes, holding up a sign all day can be rough on the hands. Blister risks, cramped fingers — the cause better be worth it, that's for sure. One person decided to publicize the issue a bit, for one and all to see!

Perhaps this was not a message restricted to one day, but many. Protests can go on for weeks, or months before any action is taken. Not everyone has time for that — or the arms for that!

Tiles for All

Scrabble is a serious passion for some, and a dusty old board game for others. This woman clearly knows where she stands on the issue!

Yet another photo taken at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, this one really appeals to a diverse crowd. Americans all over the political spectrum truly enjoy this game. Perhaps it is another war of words, but all in good fun for once!

Quirky Church Folks

America was largely horrified by the Westboro Baptist Church protests at funerals during the 2000's. People yelled, they cried, and they criticized the group for these tactics. But one bunch in the opposition had another idea: Counterprotest!

Making fun of the WBC signs, these spoofs got lots of laughs and merit a photoGod loves kittens, number one. And number two, the movement to finally locate Waldo is an active search party, finally. Now, these are ideas that do unite the nation! Well done, signsters.

Tiny Pet Peeve

This might not the best place to hang out today, buddy! Protests are about many different things, but the one concept they all share is the crowd!

In fact, that's the only way a demonstration is effective. Two guys on the side of the road? No one cares! Two thousand guys blocking the road? Illegal, but impossible to ignore! Perhaps it is time for Mr. silly sign to reconsider his stance, or at least his choice of hobby here.

Calendar Conversation

The holidays always seem to create the best memories with family and friends. Hallmark moments, even!

But the truth is, people seem to be inching that calendar more and more every year toward early X-mas prep. And it's time to take a stand! Halloween is topic all on its own. Ghosts and ghouls, pumpkins and punch — why shorten the fun in favor of Santa? Come to think of it, Thanksgiving is a worthwhile day, too. Stop all the seasonal switcheroos, everyone!