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Who Wore It Better? 35+ Comical Fashion Face-Offs

It has been said that fashion is a form of self-expression. Depending on your personality and characteristics, you tend to dress in a way that communicates who you are. Every one of us has a first impression of strangers we interact with in the world, and we often judge them based on how they dress.

While this unspoken form of instant communication is beautiful, some people take self-expression to the next level. To prove this point, we’ve collected the 40 funniest fashion comparisons. From celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj to everyday items like cotton candy and a sack of onions, these comparisons are brutal but fair. The big question is, who wore it better? Kid Cudi Wants To Help Lil Nas X Get Rid of the ‘Homophobic Cloud Over Hip-Hop’Keep Watching

The Golden Locks of Jaimie Lannister and Prince Charming

Who doesn’t know these two iconic characters and their specific shows? Jaimie Lannister is a key character in one of the most famous shows in the world, Game of Thrones; and then there’s the evil-ish Prince Charming from Shrek.

images courtesy of nickelodeon-movies.fandom.com and HBO

For some reason, the costume department of Game of Thrones decided to give the character of Jaimie Lannister flowing golden locks just like Prince Charming. Is it annoying? No. It looked pretty natural for actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau to rock these blonde waves, just like the Prince.

Nicki Minaj vs. He-Man

Another golden duo is Nicki Minaj and He-Man. It has been said that Nicki Minaj is one of the most fashionable icons in this era, making every appearance a memorable one. However, did Nicki consider the look of He-Man before rocking it on the red carpet?

Image Courtesy of twentytwowords.com

From the blonde bob and bangs to the pink collared top, she has nailed He-Man’s look to a tee. Surely people who grew up with He-Man would see the striking resemblance with this look. Hopefully, Nicki takes it as a compliment. 

Lil Wayne as Donnie from The Wild Thornberrys

Some celebrities take self-expression to the next level. Through the years, Lil Wayne built up many of his own special looks, and one of them involved styling himself like Donnie from The Wild Thornberrys.

images courtesy of mtv and Nickelodeon

Lil Wayne wore this outfit during a VMA concert. It seems like Donnie inspired Lil Wayne for this specific outfit. Even the topless look and the cheetah design pants are there. All he needs to do is ditch his shoes. 

This Man and His Shopping Bags

At first glance, you wouldn’t find any difference in the shopping bags sitting in the back of this car. However, as you look longer and more carefully, one of them reveals itself to be a checkered shirt worn by a man.

image courtesy of BoredPanda

This style of plaid is one of the most used designs in history, and a lot of us are guilty of having at least one shirt like this hanging in our closets. This man took it to a new level by tricking us into thinking he was a shopping bag.

Ramen Noodle Hair

90s kids and teens will remember this Justin Timberlake era, with his iconic ramen noodle hairstyle. Yes, it looked like packet noodles, but no, it did not make teenage girls any less enamored with him. To them, it was not a mistake as he was perfect in every way.

images courtesy of mtv.com and ChewieTheChi/ Imgur

This might be the cutest resemblance ever with the dog having the same ramen hair as Justin. We mean it when we say we love Justin Timberlake in every way. His voice, his dance moves, and even his heartthrob face, but for this round, we are all voting for this cute little noodle dog.

The Sweetest Cotton Candy

As we said a few slides back, Queen Nicki has an iconic look every time she steps out, and each red carpet appearance comes with a unique hairstyle. One of her wildest is pictured below.

images courtesy of Pacific Coast News and CanadaVapes.com

We know that Nicki can pull off every look, whatever the case may be, but amazingly, it seems she may have been outdone by the delicious cotton candy that you can buy at stores. Maybe we should try patting Nicki’s hair to see if it’s sticky like cotton candy?

Grandma and the Carpet

Our grandmas usually love dresses with extravagant designs. Though we often compare them to the designs of the carpets or curtains, grandmas rarely care. Of course, when a grandma finds herself face to face with a carpet that perfectly matches her dress, she has to let the grandkids take a pic.

image courtesy of twitter.com/ruben_cnj

The dress seems to be an extension of the carpet, with the same pattern and colors. Grandma needs to reveal where she bought her dress because she blends too perfectly with the carpet. Amazingly, this grandma has a sense of humor as she went along with the joke. Nice one, grandma!

This Dude and a Taco Bell Seat

What are the odds that your shirt or sweater has the same design as the seat of a famous fast-food chain or eatery? We’d say it’s less than 1%, but this guy is an exception.

image courtesy of skatermario3

This looks like the kind of sweater the grandma in the last picture would knit for her grandson. If that is the case, grandma sure wins this round. How could she create that unique design with lots of colors? The dude is rockin’ the sweater.

Tissue Box vs. Man

This comparison is one of the best. He has what it takes to be the next tissue box. All kidding aside, we admire this man as he clearly doesn’t take himself too seriously. He even put a tissue on his chest to perfectly recreate the twinning moment.

images courtesy of ultraspotmockpop/ Imgur

Who wore it better? In this round, we vote for the man. Aside from the dedication, this man also added a funny face to make it more amusing. Thank you for being a good sport, sir. We salute you!

Heidi Klum as a Car Wash Brush

The premiere of a movie is one of the most anticipated events in Hollywood as it usually features the most fabulous clothes of all time! However, Heidi Klum made an odd choice for this one.

image courtesy of express.co.uk and Foamtechchina.com

The gown has a gorgeous color, and Heidi is the cream of the crop on this runaway as she spins to show how incredible her dress is! Nonetheless, we can’t stop thinking about how her dress resembles a car wash brush. 

This Guy as a Hamburger Patty

From the texture, lighting, and color, this dude’s hair looks like a patty that you put on the burger with some tomatoes and cheese. It’s enough to get your tummy rumbling. We bet he gets a lot of invites to go to the local burger joint. 

images courtesy of brilio.net

We have a feeling the guy knows how much his hair looks like a burger patty. It’s probably the reason he took a photo of it from a high angle. Still, his hair looks nice, and he seems like a guy who can laugh at himself, which is a wonderful trait. 

This Little Boy and a Fire Hydrant

A fire hydrant must be the easiest to resemble as it only has a plain color – usually yellow or red. The mom of the child did not consider it, but hey, we understand! Yellow is such a beautiful and positive color.

image courtesy of reddit.com/user/TibbyCurtis

For sure, the child’s mom had a good laugh comparing her son to the fire hydrant. However, aside from the fire hydrant, the yellow coat also reminds us of the movie, IT. Is there a red balloon somewhere?

Nicki and Mrs. Potato Head

Here’s another Nicki Minaj fashion look. After comparing her to Cotton Candy and He-Man, here comes Mrs. Potato Head, a popular toy and character from the famous movie, Toy Story.

images courtesy of Balarama/ Reddit and Amazon

Nicki couldn’t be more perfect with her bright purple eyeshadow, long false eyelashes, and pink lips. Perhaps she just finished watching Toy Story when she attended an event and got inspired by Mrs. Potato Head. Who knows? 

Rihanna and Peter Griffin

Rihanna is one of the biggest fashion icons in the music industry. Her presence since the early 2000s paved the way for different looks, and this is one of her prettiest. A pink princess at the Grammy Awards, Riri looks stunning!

images courtesy of Zeynep ???/ Pinterest and Splash

This look was so stunning that it inspired the Family Guy creator to try the same dress on Peter Griffin. Don’t you think Peter also looks amazing in this dress? At least we know for sure that Riri is a fashion icon!

Zayn’s Hair and Ice Cream

One Direction has always been the top boyband in this era. Over the years, Zayn and his other bandmates followed the boyband tradition of experimenting with a lot of different styles. We doubt this was the kind of fashion comparison Zayn was hoping to receive.

images courtesy of Melinda Malik ?/ Flickr and rachaelraymag/ Instagram

However, how can we unsee the resemblance of Zayn’s hair to this mixed flavored ice cream? Of all the hair colors in the world, why did they put blond on the upswept part of Zayn’s hair? Of course, Zayn still has the cutest expression, so we’ll give him a pass.

Taraji and Cracked Phone

American actress, Taraji Henson (of The Karate Kid, What Men Want, and Hidden Figures) has always been a fashion icon. Taraji looked beautiful in the sheer skirt she wore to the BET Awards.

images courtesy of Reuters and corporate.bestbuy.com

In a way, the design of the skirt resembles a broken phone. What could be the backstory for this fashion creation? We may never know, but one thing is for sure – Taraji was able to slay confidently in her outfit!

Dude on the Bus and Cartman

If Cartman was a real-life person, it would definitely be this guy on the bus. Complete with a red jacket, yellow and blue beanie, and brown pants, it surely is Cartman!

images courtesy of BoredPanda and Amazon

Do you think that the guy could be on his way to some cosplay convention or Halloween costume party? Because to be honest, he was all in! He may be missing the yellow mittens, but who knows? Perhaps he will slip them on when he reaches his destination. 

Beyonce as a Strawberry Candy

If we were to crown anyone as the queen of the fashion icons, it would be Beyonce. A worldwide singer, with multi-awarded albums, she is truly “The Queen B.” Remember the time when Queen Bey was able to wear a goddess look at the 2017 Grammys? Ugh, it is legendary!

images courtesy of FlynetPictures.com and eBa

This particular outfit was an exception to her fashion-perfect rule. This red and green polka dot ensemble looks like strawberry candy. It may seem classy to some, but you can’t deny how they look alike. Nonetheless, Queen Bey was still stunning as ever in this dress. 

Teacher and Highlighter

It doesn’t often happen that you see a teacher looking like a highlighter, so this may well be one of the rarest moments in history.

image courtesy of karapli/ Reddit

Maybe the teacher got her inspiration from the highlighter and decided that she wanted to be one. However, her inspiration was revealed when this student noticed it. We salute the teacher for being able to mix neon pink into her outfit. To be honest, it is awesome.

Cat Dad vs. The Weeknd

Yes, it’s not a typographical error. It’s really a crossover of the singer, the Weeknd, and this cat dad. If you look closely at the TV Monitor, it seems that the hair of Weeknd looks like a cat sitting on his head.

This cat dad had an idea to imitate the Weeknd’s hairstyle using his own cat. Thankfully, the cat was in the mood for some humor. Otherwise, he may have gotten the claws out! What do you think of the resemblance?

Kim Kardashian in an Onion Sack?

Kim Kardashian and her family are certified fashionistas. She and her siblings experiment with different styles, outfits, and costumes. Though it makes a bold statement, unfortunately, people observed that this outfit looks just like an onion sack.

images courtesy of Splash and myressurection.wordpress.com

The orange net resembles the sheer pattern of Kim’s dress. To be quite honest, Kim looks sexy and classy in this look. However, onions have been rocking that style for far longer than Kim. So, who wore it better?

Justin Bieber vs. This Baby

Baby is a worldwide hit sung by none other than Justin Bieber. Who would have thought that many years later, his worldwide hit would be the inspiration for one of his outfits?

images courtesy of Fameflynet and lulucontytis/ Imgur

It may look good on the baby, but it is questionable when Justin tried to wear his pants this way. It seriously doesn’t flatter anyone, especially when it looks like what you’re wearing is a full, dirty nappy. Thankfully, such fashion choices are all in the past as Justin’s wardrobe has improved.

Lady’s Sweat Stains as Oogie Boogie

Sweat stains are annoying, especially if you’re wearing beautiful clothes but the stains create unflattering shapes. Unfortunately, this woman experienced the sweat stain drama all fashionistas fear. 

images courtesy of BoredPanda and timburton.wiki.com

This woman was wearing a green dress, and unluckily, the sweat stains formed the shape of Oogie Boogie’s face. If a child knows Oogie Boogie and sees this dress, they might get a fright. However, as adults, we can all sympathize as we’ve all been there before with similar costume malfunctions. 

Lil Wayne as a Gremlin

Here’s another Lil Wayne’s look-alike, and to be quite honest, the resemblance is uncanny. Sorry, Lil Wayne, it’s just that everything looks gremlin-like, from the 3D glasses to the grills. It’s impossible to deny the resemblance.

images courtesy of aurn.com and gremlin.fandom.com

The other thing we see is how they are both happy with what they are watching. Maybe they are watching a comedy film or themselves as twins in a show. Who knows? Either way, they both look quite cute. 

Kendall Jenner vs. a Ripped Car Seat

Kendall, as part of the Kardashian family, is expected to be in fashion at all times. With the paparazzi anywhere, she can’t afford to step out looking anything less than perfect. Even when she’s looking stunning, the internet will find a way to take a jab at her.

images courtesy of ALLthebaconandprebirds/ Imgur and makeupandbeauty

A lot of people observed that the ripped leggings worn by Kendall resemble the ripped car seat in an old car. Maybe the designer of the pants was inspired by this car seat, or maybe it’s just the cat who did the ripping. Who knows?

Rihanna and Gossamer

For those who didn’t grow up in the 90s, Gossamer is a fictional character from the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons. He was a large, hairy monster who looked just like Rihanna’s outfit.

images courtesy of etonline.com and looneytunesshow.fancom.com

It has been said by Riri’s fans that Rihanna is literally wearing Gossamer. The big, hairy heart-shaped outfit made Riri stand out in the crowd. Do you think that Rihanna loves Gossamer as well?

The Girl and the Hotel Corridor

Of all the things that your outfit would be matched with, what are the odds that it’s the corridor of the hotel you are staying in? The vacation for this lady changed when she saw that her shirt had the same pattern as the walls of the hotel corridor.

image courtesy of wickensworth/ Reddit

It is evident on her face how surprised and baffled she is that this happened. The exact pattern of the walls from the white one to the brown/black line, up to the green part is just surprising. The lady was a good sport, and in this round, she definitely wore it better.

Rainbow Feather Duster

If there is one thing we love about runaways, it is the variety of the collections showcased by different designers and how they are amazingly presented by the models. However, this model’s dress looks too much like a rainbow feather duster for us to take it seriously.

images courtesy of Agatha Ruiz De La Prada and Alibaba

We imagine that it would also be great to use the dress as a feather duster. All you would have to do is swish around the house to collect all the dust. Can you imagine having a life-sized feather duster? 

This Woman and a Packet of Twisty Fries

The meal is almost complete. A while ago, we saw a man’s hair looking like a burger patty, and in this one, the woman’s hair resembles twisty fries. All we need now is a drink.

images courtesy of imgur.com/new/time and Arbys

To be quite honest, the woman’s curls look beautiful! It seems like she’s taking care of her curls, which is why they are so bouncy, with volume, and already set in place. It’s just that we cannot stop wondering whether the thickness is inspired by the fries. Either way, she looks great. 

Justin and a Grilled Sandwich

We wonder if some designers get their inspiration from food and household items. Was this blanket designed to make the buyers hungry? Or did they accidentally make it look like a grilled cheese sandwich?

images courtesy of AKM-GSI and wairyhang/ Flickr

Justin Bieber’s fur coat looks like an appetizing grilled cheese sandwich with some bacon on it. If you’re not into grilled cheese sandwiches, you could mistake it for a piece of steak as well. The designer must be a part-time chef. 

Model vs. Random Guy on the Street

We believe that some designers are getting inspiration from the daily lives of people. With feather dusters, grilled cheese sandwiches, and now, the style of random guys on the street. Fashion is truly bizarre.

images courtesy of Andrew Thomas and tianya.cn

Can you tell which is the model and which is the random guy on the street? Since they have the same layering of clothes, it seems that the model is just walking down the street to buy some fruit. Fun Fact, the man on the right is a Chinese internet sensation named Brother Sharp because of his rugged good looks.

Popsicle Woman

Have you ever thought that your clothing choices could make random strangers feel hungry? Of course not! It usually happens accidentally and on random days just like this one.

images courtesy of twitter.com/_gabrielandrad

The layering is perfect. From the strawberry flavored part to the middle vanilla flavor, and up until to the chocolate top with sprinkles, this woman perfectly resembles a popsicle! To be fair, the woman’s layering is awesome.

Road Cones vs Random Man

Wait, what? It took us a minute to notice that a man is walking near the road cones, and guess what? He blends perfectly with the construction markers. We wonder if he realized as he was walking along that he was blending in a little too much.

image courtesy of SmoothHookah/ Reddit

Can you think of something else that resembles the clothing of this man? Yup, there’s a fictional character that also fits – Nemo! Yes, the orange and white combo can also be compared to Nemo and his dad, Marlin from Finding Nemo.

Kim Kardashian as Mrs. Doubtfire

Mrs. Doubtfire is a 1993 American movie that features a dad (Robin Williams) who disguises himself as an elderly housekeeper to be able to spend more time with his children after a divorce. The movie is full of classic dresses worn by the protagonist, and every minute of it is bizarre and hilarious.

images courtesy of digitalspy.com and Twentieth Century Fox

Floral dresses were Mrs. Doubtfire’s staples, and she looked as classy as Kim Kardashian does here. It’s a good thing that Kim didn’t match Mrs. Doubtfire’s blonde locks. Otherwise, the resemblance would have been too much! 

Sean and a Push-up Popsicle

Hair, as they say, is your crowning glory. It is one of the first things people look at when they meet you, and this is why it feels so good to get a stylish haircut. Sean Harris sees things a little differently.

images courtesy of Troy Babbitt/ USA Today Sports and Nestle

We’re not saying his hair doesn’t look good, but we are saying that cylindrical haircut looks a lot like a push-up popsicle. Whether this was the look he was going for or not, one thing is for sure – he’s making a bold statement.

Jennifer Lawrence and Barney

In the realm of the fashion industry, there are a lot of dresses, tops, bottoms, and shoes to choose from. Usually, the creative designer provides these materials to their models to ensure they look good. However, Jennifer’s green and purple ensemble reminds us of something else.

image courtesy of agrimisadventures/ Instagram

Barney is famous for his green and purple look. Whenever someone is wearing those colors, thoughts of the singing dinosaur come to mind. However, just like Barney, Jennifer has a good sense of humor. She still looks beautiful in this photo, and it only proves that she can pull off any look!

This Guy’s Socks and the Airport Carpet

Socks are a subtle way to make a fashion statement. This era has given us socks with amazing and classy designs. What would you do, though, if your favorite pair of socks matched an airport floor? 

image courtesy of agrimisadventures/ Instagram

This dude’s socks are the perfect match for the airport’s carpet. From the teal color to the striped design, it looks like the socks were made of carpet. Where did he buy these socks? If he got them in the airport, that would make sense of the situation.

This Lady and a Cute Caterpillar

There are no rules for dressing up. Whatever you want to wear, go for it! Flaunt it! There are no official colors or styles to which you have to conform. As long as you feel confident and beautiful, no one is stopping you.

images courtesy of mynet.com and bugguide.com

In fairness to this lady, she was able to confidently pull off this yellow dress. She looks beautiful, and this caterpillar is owning it too! In the age of social media, there will always be someone wanting to tear others down. However, if you don’t let their meaningless opinions get to you, then you win every time. 

Kylie Jenner and a Sack of Hay

Another member of the Kardashian family made the list. Kylie is known to be fashionable, just like her sisters, so she makes sure that she looks fabulous every time she goes out.

images courtesy of dantri.com and Monomoy Horse and Dog

However, many people noticed that Kylie’s skirt resembles a woven sack of hay. It has the same blue color and design. She completed her look with a nude bodysuit and a blue bag to compliment her overall look. It’s a good ensemble, but now we cannot unsee the hay sack.

Matt Damon and BB-8

Matt Damon has starred in a lot of films, one of the famous being The Martian. Though his character was an astronaut, this particular costume revealed that the costume designer may well be a Star Wars fan.

images courtesy of 20th Century Fox and Lucasfilm

Maybe it’s a crossover between the two movies? A few months later, Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out in cinemas, and a lot of people noticed the resemblance between Matt’s astronaut costume and BB-8’s design.