What is Bakuchiol?

If you are very particular about your skincare regimen, you have probably tried retinol. According to many, this ingredient is responsible for reducing acne, improving skin tone, and decreasing wrinkles. But, if you think that it could be the perfect solution to all your skin problems, think again. This derivative of vitamin A, while effective in combating some skin concerns, is also known to produce negative side effects such as irritated, flaky, and dry skin, especially for those who are new to the product.

So, if you suffer from sensitive skin or if you are one of those who experienced unfavorable side effects from retinol, do not worry, there is still an alternative. A new, milder option that produces the same positive results without the irritating reactions has arrived. Introducing bakuchiol.

What is bakuchiol and what does it do?

Pronounced either buh-koo-chee-all or back-uh-heel, bakuchiol is a medicine that has been used by the Chinese and the Hindus for many years. It is extracted from the seeds and leaves of the herb called babchi.

Why has it become increasingly popular in the western skincare world? Check out these benefits to understand why:

  • It has anti-aging properties. Bakuchiol has been proven to stimulate collagen, the protein responsible for keeping the skin strong and plump. This has been backed by scientific research published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science.
  • It protects the skin. According to Dendy Engelman, M.D., a dermatologic surgeon in New York City, Bakuchiol is an antioxidant that helps with stress. It manages your cell’s mitochondria, which decreases cell damage.
  • It hydrates and heals the skin. The babchi herb extract is loaded with vitamin E, so naturally, it has moisturizing and reparative properties.
  • It fights acne. Say goodbye to acne breakouts, as bakuchiol has antibacterial properties as well.

So, just because bakuchiol is organic and said to be the milder form of retinol doesn't mean you should underestimate its powers. It has been proven to stimulate collagen, protect the skin from damage, hydrate and heal, and fight acne. It is safe to use with other skincare products and can be especially beneficial for those with sensitive skin or who have experienced negative side effects from retinol. If you're interested in incorporating bakuchiol into your skincare routine, be sure to speak with a dermatologist or skincare professional to determine the right dosage and frequency for your specific skin needs.