Wearing Socks in Bed Will Help you Fall Asleep Faster

Not everyone is a fan of it, but let us tell you why wearing socks in bed would help you fall asleep faster.

Socks in bed

There is a group of people who hate wearing socks in bed, but there is also a group of people who can't live without them. Especially during the cold winter months, many people love to crawl into bed with their wool socks. For this group of people, we have very good news. In fact, scientific research shows that by wearing socks in bed, you fall asleep faster. Not only the temperature of your bedroom but also your body temperature is important for a good night's sleep. Wearing socks affects this.

Body temperature

As the evening progresses, your body prepares to go to sleep. Your body does this by producing serotonin. In addition, your body temperature drops. Wearing socks causes more blood to flow to your feet, so your body temperature will drop sooner. Scientific research shows that wearing socks in bed, not only makes you fall asleep faster. You will also find that you sleep longer and wake up less early. So the quality of your sleep will improve.