How to Determine When You are in Protein Excess

Protein – for many people looking to live better, it is the word they cannot escape. Want to lose weight or build muscle? You need more protein. Want to do more or less anything? You probably need more protein. Yet as you might have already found out, there is such a thing as “too much” protein. Yes, we know, that sounds contradictory to the “eat as much protein as you can!” craze of modern dietary thinking.

Worried you might be eating too much of the stuff? Here are some easy ways to determine if you are eating too much protein.

You are constipated

The first one is a doozy – are you feeling like you cannot go to the toilet without it being uncomfortable? Then your protein levels could be too high. If your body is taking up too much of its water content to deal with protein, it does not leave enough to create softer, more comfortable stools. At least now you know and you can do something about it – like, you know, not eating so much protein!

You are gaining weight

People eat protein as it is supposed to help with muscle recovery and thus make their workouts more effective. Yet many protein-based foods can also contribute to weight gain. If you find that your weight is going up as opposed to down you might want to try and cut back on the goods you are eating which are loaded with protein. It could be a reason why you are putting on a few extra pounds.

Your stomach feels sore

Protein excess can also lead to an upset stomach. It might be the protein itself, or it might be the food(s) that you ate to get all of that protein. Whey protein in particular can lead to bloating, gas build-up, and sore stomachs. You should look for natural protein sources as opposed to always relying on whey, though it can be useful if you are looking for a quick protein hit during a workout.

You feel dehydrated

Lastly, and this is the most obvious one, do you feel dried out all the time? Then you could be eating too much protein. If you are not urinating very often yet feel thirsty regularly, you are probably dehydrated. It could be down to another reason, but it is very much worth considering whether or not you might be taking in too much protein along the way.